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Now scheduling appointments for service. We offer drive repair, tune-ups, electrical repair, trailer repair, winter storage, hauling, shrink wrap, outboard, stern drive, and inboard winterizing. Call 248-673-4705 to schedule your appointment.

Gasoline and your boat!

Due to the poor quality of the gasoline we are putting in our boats today and the amount of ethanol that it is made with we are experiencing fuel system failures. We have been replacing fuel lines, low and hi pressure fuel pumps and a lot of primer bulbs. All the major engine manufactures recommend using fuel stabilizer all summer as well as through the winter, there is a new Stabil out that is made for ethanol fuels.

Please try to only put the amount of gas in your boat that you expect to use in the next two weeks, this will help keep the quality of the gas high.

Also use your boat more, the longer the gas sits in your engine the better chance it has of causing problems.


Did you know that most marine engine manufactures recommend changing your oil and filter every 100 hours of engine run time or once a year. Most of us do not put a 100 hours on our boats in a season so we should change our oil and filter at least once a year.

Did you also know that most engine manufactures recommend replacing your raw water pump impeller at least every other year. It’s much better to do maintenance now before you are not running on the day of the big party. Please call and set up an appointment to keep your boat and engine maintained properly!


Props, did you hit the bottom and rough up your prop? Your boats performance depends on your prop, to get the best performance and fuel efficiency make sure your prop is in great shape. If your prop blade is bent or dinged up, drop it off and we will have it repaired for you. We will weld, balance and re pitch your prop to get it back to original condition. Repairs start at about $70 depending on the size of your prop, the repair price is usually about half the price of buying a new one.