Currently Sunset Boats is open per our regular business hours 9-6 Mon-Fri and Sat 9-4.  We are allowed 10 customers in the store at a time.  Face masks and 6′ distances required by our Governor…

Thank you for your patience.


Currently Sunset Boats is open by appointment only due to Governors Executive Order 2020-96, face masks are required.   We can be reached at 248-673-4705.   Please call in advance or from the parking lot.  We are allowed up to ten people in the store at a time. 

Thank you for your patience.


Because of the Governors many Executive Orders Sunset Boats is available on a very limited basis.  We are delivering storage boats and are allowed to sell parts and accessories for curbside pickup.  Please call 248-673-4705, or email your request to  

To view new or pre-owned boats please call 248-673-4705 or email for an appointment.  We have many boats on display outside.

Thank you for your patience.

Sunset Boats, and the impact of Covid-19 on winter storage/spring launch operations

We hope this message finds you well, here at Sunset Boats we are monitoring the situation very closely and are adapting our plans as conditions change.

As of March 23rd, Sunset Boats and our fellow marine dealers are not on the State of Michigan’s list of essential business. The Michigan Boating Industry Association is actively working with officials in Lansing to have the list amended to include Marina Services. If permission is granted Sunset Boats will reopen and service operations will begin immediately, but until that time we must adhere to federal and state guidelines which are targeting April 30th. 

Everyone at Sunset Boats understands and has a passion for boating just like our clients, and when able, we will work as hard as we can to get everyone back on the water as quickly as possible. 

  •  For customers that have pontoons and take advantage of our in-and-out service, we will not be able to schedule any deliveries until a solid return to work date can be established. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
  • For customers with boats on trailers that store outside and inside with us. We understand that customers with boats on trailers would like to be able to pick up their boats, unfortunately we are currently prevented from offering such services, as soon as we are permitted we will update you here on this page.

For us at Sunset Boats we believe a great way to social distance is on a boat, and we are all in this together rooting for a speedy recovery.

Stay Safe!


DATE 4/24/2020 2:28pm (EST)

At this time Sunset Boats is closed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the governor approved boating on 4-24-2020 at 11:00 AM but did not clarify if boat dealerships, service centers or marinas are allowed to reopen, we are reviewing EO 2020-59 for clarification.  Thank You and stay safe.  

DATE 4/13/2020 8:52pm (EST)

Governor Whitmer’s ban on motorboats is unfair and overreaching 

On April 10, in an unexpected announcement, MBIA learned that the use of motorized boats in Michigan is prohibited per Executive Order 2020-42 from the Governor. This EO expires April 30, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. See below language the DNR is pushing out via social media:
Under the governor’s revised “Stay Home, Stay Safe” Executive Order 2020-42, physical outdoor activity such as kayaking, canoeing, and sailing remains permissible. However, the use of a motorboat, jet ski or similar watercraft is not permitted for the duration of the Executive Order, which is currently set to expire at 11:59 p.m. on April 30, 2020. Prohibition on the use of motorized watercraft is reflected in the governor’s Frequently Asked Questions document that explains and interprets Executive Order 2020-42.
The DNR has received many reports about the heavy use of boat launches across the state and the subsequent congregation of people at these launches in violation of social distancing requirements and in a manner that threatens public health. In addition, people who use motorized watercraft typically have to procure secondary services for their craft, such as parts and gasoline, that could unnecessarily increase contact with others and spread disease. The hope is that the prohibition on the use of motorized watercraft will reduce movement of people within the state and potential contact among people, with the intent of slowing the spread of the coronavirus.
As an additional reminder, any outdoor activity permitted under the order, including boating, must be done in a manner consistent with social distancing, and individuals should use only their own equipment when boating to prevent the transmission of the virus through the touching of shared surfaces. In accordance with section 2 of the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” Executive Oder, persons not part of a single household may not boat together. 
Please recreate locally and responsibly. Long distance travel is prohibited unless it is for a purpose considered critical under the governor’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” Executive Order.
“In her first EO, the Governor recognized boating as a great opportunity for families to safely enjoy the outdoors. To ban motor boating entirely due to reports of overcrowding at certain launch sites is an over-reaction,” said MBIA Executive Director, Nicki Polan. “Alternatively, those specific boat launch sites could have been closed and the individuals violating social distancing ticketed.”
“Additionally, to ban registered boaters who pay registration fees which support the state’s launch ramps and not ban kayakers who pay nothing into the Michigan State Waterways Fund is salt on the wound,” said Polan. “Kayakers fuel their cars on their way to the launch ramp no different than trailer boaters.”
The Michigan DNR and the Governor’s administration know where MBIA stands on this issue and we will continue to communicate our disapproval. MBIA encourages all members to reach out to the Governor’s office, and only to those State Reps who are supporting this ban, to express your disapproval as well. There is no need to communicate with the State Representatives who are already working to help our businesses.
Please also reach out to your boating customers and ask them to do the same. It is important that all messages resonate while telling the Governor what boating means to you personally and to the people of this state and how you are boating safely.
Other important information is below:
1.   Boating provides quality family time and the perfect opportunity for social distancing.2.   To punish all boaters for a few incidences is unfair3.   To ban those who pay registration fees to support the launch sites and not those who pay nothing is unfair4.   Boating is not a fat cat sport. 40 percent of all boats in Michigan are under 15 feet in length with another 23 percent being under 20 feet in length (63 percent of all boats are under 20ft)5.   72 percent of boat owners make less than $100,000 per year.6.   Boating is a heritage sport passed down from generation to generation and 50 percent of all boating is fishing related.7.   Boating has no party lines. Tell the administration if you are a Democrat, union worker, minority, and if you supported Governor Whitmer in her election.
Follow this link to reach the Governor’s contact page: The MBIA Board and staff have heard from many of our 350 members and are now hearing from hundreds of recreational boaters. Please know the MBIA Board and staff, along with our team in Lansing, will continue to fight for our members, our industry and for Michigan’s boaters to be able to safely enjoy Michigan’s natural resources.

DATE 4/10/2020 8:52pm (EST)

Dear MBIA Members,
Despite the efforts of many MI Legislative leaders and industries to help get people back to work if they have jobs which offer social distancing and no customer interaction, Michigan’s Governor Whitmer announced today that she is extending the current “Stay Home, Stay Safe” Executive Order until the end of the month, and has added some restrictions.
The Governor agreed we have two crises currently, an economic and health crises, but stated that the recommendation from medical advisors both at the federal and state level is that it is too soon to lighten up on our efforts to prevent the spread. We will continue to review the EO and keep our communication lines open with the Governor’s office. We thank Bret Marr, the MHSA team, and our legislators for their help through this time and moving forward. More information on the new EO is below.

Today Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed Executive Order 2020-42 extending her “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order to April 30, 2020. The Stay Home, Stay Safe order was first implemented on March 23 through the signing of Executive Order 2020-21, and was originally set to expire on April 13. Executive Order 2020-42 rescinds Executive Order 2020-21.           Executive Order 2020-42 prohibits all businesses and operations from requiring workers to leave their homes, unless those workers are necessary to sustain or protect life or to conduct minimum basic operations, mirroring Executive Order 2020-21.
However, Executive Order 2020-42 is different than Executive Order 2020-21, insofar as there are more restrictions to what individuals are permitted to do under Executive Order 2020-42. Specifically, the new order encourages people to limit the number of household members running errands, travel for vacations or for any other purpose is prohibited, and all in-person government activities that are not necessary to sustain or protect life are suspended.           Executive Order 2020-42 also adds a new section imposing restrictions on stores in an effort to reduce crowds. Large stores must limit the number of people in the store at one time to no more than 4 customers for every 1,000 square feet of customer floor space; small stores must limit capacity to 25% of the total occupancy limits (including employees) under the fire codes. To regulate entry, stores must establish lines with markings for patrons to enable them to stand at least six feet apart from one another while waiting. Large stores must also close areas of the store that are dedicated to carpeting, flooring, furniture, garden centers, plant nurseries, or paint.  Governor Whitmer stated key factors in extending the Stay Home, Stay Safe order included: data on COVID-19 infections and the disease’s rate of spread; whether sufficient medical personnel, hospital beds, and ventilators exist to meet the anticipated medical need; the availability of personal protective equipment (PPE) for the health-care workforce; the state’s capacity to test for COVID-19 cases and isolate infected people; and economic conditions in the state.           To view Executive Order 2020-42, please click here. Additionally, at the bottom of this special report please find a press release from the Governor’s office regarding Executive Order 2020-42.

UPDATE 4/3/2020 8:37pm (EST)

Clarification of rumors regarding “Michigan Ban on Boating” 

The following comes from the Michigan Boating Industry Association.

Hello MBiA Members,

Thank you to all who have reached out and/or forwarded today’s Detroit News article to us which incorrectly stated that boating is banned in Michigan. We immediately called this writer to let him know that boating is not banned in Michigan, and he has changed the article at least two times since the original went out.

We also immediately contacted MHSA, the DNR and the Governor’s office to investigate. With MHSA’s help, we quickly heard from DNR Director Dan Eichenger that The Detroit News has issuing a new story stating the information in the original article was factually inaccurate.

The Governor supports boating and fishing with social distancing and the DNR has their boat ramps open to the public. However, because of this interchange, we have received an official clarification within the FAQs:

Q: Does boating constitute “outdoor activity” under Executive Order 2020-21?

A: Yes. Boating falls within the outdoor activities permitted under the order. Any outdoor activity, including boating, must be done in a manner consistent with social distancing, and individuals should use their own equipment exclusively to prevent the transmission of the virus through the touching of shared surfaces. Additionally, in accordance with section 2 of the order, persons not part of a single household may not boat together.

While boating is permitted under the order, the provision of boating services and supplies does not constitute critical infrastructure work. Accordingly, marinas, canoe liveries, and other similar businesses and operations may not designate workers to come to work for that purpose. As needed, however, these businesses and operations may designate workers to leave their home for work if their in-person presence is strictly necessary to conduct the minimum basic operations listed in section 4(b) of the order. Minimum basic operations do not include serving members of the public, but do permit work necessary to maintain the safety and sanitation of sites otherwise open to the public for outdoor recreation.

The second paragraph continues to leave us with challenges, but the first paragraph is a good start to our solutions. Please help us. We must communicate to our customers that boating is a privilege which can be lost if boaters start rafting off or carrying large passenger loads outside their immediate families. This happened in Florida and in Maryland recently.

We thank you for your help and continued support